How the mobility sector can profit from using Perseuss

the problem

The mobility industry is broad: it includes car hailing, car sharing, car rental, but also scooters, electric step, trains, etcetera. It’s a unique industry in the sense that the challenges it’s facing, are extremely diverse. Vehicle theft, rentals payed for with stolen credit cards, voucher abuse, driver fraud… Costs are relatively low in case of a chargeback for a short cab ride, but enormous for a stolen car. As customers want their ride now, the time for customer authentication is close to zero and the available information is equally limited. How do you still effectively stop fraudsters? 

The Perseuss community

How we can help

The solution is working together and learning from the past. The Perseuss community helps merchants fight fraud by sharing data. It’s quick, it’s easy and most importantly, it’s effective. The Perseuss platform enables all merchants from the mobility industry to share their fraud cases and benefit from the known fraud patterns of peers. The Perseuss Reputation Score helps you take your decision instantly, by recommending to block or accept a transaction. Also if you don’t have a dedicated fraud department! Using Perseuss will lead to better bottom line results with less chargebacks and a decreased risk of rejecting a good transaction.

Join perseuss

By joining Perseuss, you become part of a solution in the fight against criminal activities and at the same time you have a tool that will reduce your fraud level. Alone, you are more likely to remain a target.


"Without Perseuss we would have encountered financial losses of hundreds of thousands of euros yearly. And all this goes at a relatively low cost: the ROI is big."

Orestis Papadopoulos, Fraud Prevention Manager at Etraveli Group
Kenya Airways

The Perseuss platform is a valuable addition to our regular fraud system, because it enables our manual review team to do more in-depth analyses.

Joyce Gitumbi, Senior Fraud Analyst at Kenya Airways
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