3rd Perseuss Users Conference

ARC Fraud Awareness Month

A series of dynamic webinars on fraud prevention.

5-27 September 2018

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Today, payment fraud globally costs the industry an estimated $858 million. Approximately $639 million is borne by the airlines and $219 million hits the travel value chain, including agents.*  With online bookings, alternative forms of payment and card-not-present transactions becoming the norm, the agency channel continues to be a target for sophisticated fraudsters and the risk to agencies is set to grow along with the cost of managing it.

Agencies need better tools to combat fraud — including fresh insights on fraud prevention technology and current best practices. This is why, throughout the month of September, ARC is holding the Fraud Awareness Month, which will feature a series of dynamic webinars on fraud prevention, with presenters from law enforcement, the private sector and ARC.

*Data sourced from IATA

Webinar overview

Highlight #1: How to Protect Your Agency’s Bottom Line

WEBINAR   -   SEPTEMBER 6, 2018   -   2:00 PM EDT

This webinar will take a deep dive into the cost of fraud to travel agencies.

Attendees of this webinar will learn more about:

  • The impact of fraudulent transactions, chargeback losses and associated debit memos
  • The ready access and availability of breached data
  • The trends of criminal rings, including their practices that defraud our industry
  • Why the travel sector is a prime target for fraud
  • Best practices to fight against fraud losses, and how travel agencies (including OTAs) can easily adopt them
  • How to pause and/or reject transactions to “bad actors” to preserve your revenues and commissions

Join Tony Ashe, vice president of business development for Perseuss, to learn how your agency can protect revenues and ensure a consistently positive customer experience.


Highlight #2: Expert Panel - The True Cost of Fraud to Travel Agents

WEBINAR   -   SEPTEMBER 27, 2018   -   2:00 PM EDT

Fraud costs travel agents millions of dollars each year, but agents are also experiencing major losses of time and productivity as they grapple with the ongoing fight against fraud. Manual reviews and time-consuming research — while often necessary to protect agencies — can interrupt productivity and customer service. So how can agents better manage the total cost of fraud?

The final webinar of ARC Fraud Awareness Month will address this question. Featuring a panel of experts from ARC, Ethoca, Featurespace and Perseuss, this discussion will take a deep dive into the tools, technology and best practices agents can leverage to fight fraud and protect their businesses.



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