3rd Perseuss Users Conference

french Fraud prevention workshop

Organized by VISA and Perseuss.

29 March 2018 Paris, France


The goal is to discuss a more business as usual approach in fighting travel fraud in the Benelux. This is a Visa Inc. Europe Region initiative (with Europol’s support) we started in 2016 in the United Kingdom and over the last two years introduced in Germany, The Nordics (Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark), Greece and Canada.

The aim of a more BAU approach to fighting travel fraud is to work on a more day to day basis closer together in the fight against fraud in the travel sector. Perseuss will take part and discuss the Fraudulent Activity communication Tool, a new, free tool that enables communication between merchants, issuers and law enforcement to prevent transaction fraud. Previously used by Europol, other card schemes and merchants worldwide during the Global Airline Action Days, now available for Business-As-Usual (BAU).


Date & Time

29 March Working Group contact us for more details
Lat52.460019 Lng4.811208

Meeting Venue:

Hall of Zaandam
Stadhuisplein 100
1506 MZ Zaandam, the Netherlands

Note: The City Hall is located 200 meters both from Zaandam train station and from Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam.

Lat52.460019 Lng4.811208

Hotel booking:

Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam
Provincialeweg 102
1506 MD Zaandam, the Netherlands

Note: Other accommodation possibilities are available nearby. Best Western Zaan Inn | Hotel Ibis Budget Amsterdam Zaandam

Discuss trends and best practices

Discuss trends and best practices

Hear from airlines, travel and rail companies how they have used Perseuss to reduce fraud and how this may be applied in other travel companies. Establish face-to-face relationship among Perseuss members and non-members to open communication lines within the travel industry to assist in the fight against fraud.

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