3rd Perseuss Users Conference


Gathering all stakeholders in the gambling industry to discuss fraud trends, how to optimize prevention and the options to improve within the industry as a whole. Respecting legal restrictions and competitive boundaries, what are the possibilities to work together in fighting fraud?

1 June 2018 Malta


In the airline industry, cooperation between stakeholders has been the standard for many years. Especially in Europe, where the cooperation is oldest and is closest, fraud figures have decreased significantly year over year as a result. Many think that this type of cooperation would never be possible in the Gambling Industry, for it's extremely competitive nature and failed initiatives in the past. 

We have been organizing working groups for years, bringing together merchants, banks and ocasionally law enforcement. The aim of these groups is to bring into contact the relevant people in the industry and taking the first step towards cooperation by building trust. Discuss new fraud trends, how best to prevent, learn from each other, the fraud service providers and the card schemes. There is no competition in fraud. 

Following a first edition of the gambling edition of such working group in Dublin earlier this year, the participating merchants concluded that there is, in fact, a lot possible in gambling. In cooperation with VISA, some payment & fraud service providers and several independent fraud gambling consultants, we therefore decided to scale the next meeting up to European level.

Hilton Hotel
Vjal Portomaso
St Julian's PTM 01

Participation is free of charge



Date & Time

1 JUNE Welcome 13:30
1 JUNE Working group 14:00 - 17:00
1 JUNE Cocktails 17:00 - 19:00
Lat52.460019 Lng4.811208

Meeting Venue:

Hall of Zaandam
Stadhuisplein 100
1506 MZ Zaandam, the Netherlands

Note: The City Hall is located 200 meters both from Zaandam train station and from Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam.

Lat52.460019 Lng4.811208

Hotel booking:

Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam
Provincialeweg 102
1506 MD Zaandam, the Netherlands

Note: Other accommodation possibilities are available nearby. Best Western Zaan Inn | Hotel Ibis Budget Amsterdam Zaandam

Discuss trends and best practices

Discuss trends and best practices

Hear from airlines, travel and rail companies how they have used Perseuss to reduce fraud and how this may be applied in other travel companies. Establish face-to-face relationship among Perseuss members and non-members to open communication lines within the travel industry to assist in the fight against fraud.

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