Perseuss Fraud report 2019

Perseuss Fraud report 2019

Perseuss has conducted a study on relevant and current fraud prevention topics by asking fraud experts from all over the world to share their valuable opinion. By gathering the information in this report, Perseuss hopes to contribute to the battle against fraud that fraud analysts fight every day.

This report was designed by Perseuss and fueled by fraud experts from all over the world. We simply asked them for their opinion on relevant and current topics they deal with in their every day work life. By combining their thoughts and experiences, we were able to create a valuable report that can support anyone involved in fraud prevention. 

Many topics triggered very diverse responses, showing that there is a big diversity in fraud issues and therefore also in prevention strategies. Additionally, the adaption of new technologies used in fraud prevention tools is very different between respondents. That means that some companies can still learn a lot from peers, just by exchanging experiences. Therefore, cooperation is an important theme. Not only amongst merchants, but also including banks and schemes. 

It’s important to keep discussions on these themes alive. Even though we have come to several conclusions now, the fraud prevention landscape keeps evolving. If there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s that fraud is an ever-changing creature that is very hard to tame and even harder to permanently exterminate.





Fraud report
Fraud report
Find all the results in this comprehensive report, including interesting quotes from your fellow fraud experts:

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Fraud report
In a hurry today? We also created an infographic with a summary of the fraud report:

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