Fight fraud together by using the combined intelligence of all merchants 

More than a fraud database

Perseuss originated from the merchant community's call for a platform to share fraud data. 10 years later, as the vast amount of historic data is combined with powerful machine learning algorithms, it has grown from a simple fraud database into a sophisticated secured fraud intelligence platform.

Manual Review Options
No Software Implementation
Highly Secured Data Storage
Global Presence & Client Base

The Perseuss data set is built solely by your industry peers within the eco-system’s value chain. The fraud tool can be used either independently, but is positioned as readily available in conjunction with every major screening solution. Complementing your existing processes with access to the Perseuss platform, enriches the accuracy of the fraud scoring by bringing into your fraud filtering calculations years of intelligence about known fraudsters.

Beyond the automated filtering and scoring, the Perseuss solution empowers your Fraud Analyst in manual research. The platform allows investigation of related cases and their unique characteristics, and even entire clusters of fraud attempts as recorded by companies around the world. As the community is entirely built on trust and communication, don't hesitate to contact the owner of the record for more information on the specific case.

How it works

Merchant checks transactions

Check your transactions real time against the fraud database. Let us take you through the different outcome scenarios:

Low Risk Score

Perseuss returns a low score: The elements of this transaction have not significantly been associated to fraud in the past.

High Risk Score

A high score: either from direct overlap with the fraud database, or a high risk pattern was detected by the AI algorithms.

Merchant Accepts Transaction

As there's no reason to distrust this transaction, the merchant decides to accept.

Merchant Declines Transaction

Either directly or after manual investigation in the platform, the merchants decides to accept or decline the transaction. 

Merchant Uploads Fraud Records

All users upload their fraud records, to add to the combined intelligence of the community

For All Industries

Whether your company is active in the Travel, Retail, Gambling or any other industry: you're welcome to join!

Perseuss Features


Check Transactions Merchants can check transactions for fraud overlap in the Perseuss database in several ways: Manual searches, uploading batch files, or integrating API. API integrations can be done directly or, as is most common, through a Payment Service Provider.
Hybrid Scoring Model Perseuss applies a hybrid scoring model to define the fraud risk of your transactions. Firstly, in the rule-base scoring, the user can manually set the weight of all different elements and checks. In addition, our machine learning algorithms increasingly complements the analysis.
Customize Scoring In addition to setting the parameters you want to score on (like e-mail or delivery address), you decide the thresholds for each parameter to trigger an alert, and what business rules you want to apply.
Manual Research The decision is always up to the merchant. By logging on to the online environment, your fraud analists can use a variety of tools to dig into the specifics of this case and gather intelligence.
Contact the owner Contact the merchant that uploaded the case as fraud in the system. In a frequently used chat, merchants help each other to take the best decision.
Upload fraud records All users of the platform upload their fraud records. This way, everybody adds to the combined intelligence to the same extent as they profit from it. 
Overlap between sectors Perseuss users upload from from all over the world, from different PSP’s, different sectors and industries. The overlap between merchants has proven significant time and time again.
Legal action Perseuss is highly involved with many law enforcement agencies. Part of the service is coordinating the cooperation between merchants and LEA's, to take the next step in catching the fraudsters and ghost brokers.
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Request a free ROI analysis today and explore Perseuss’ powerful fraud detection. Applying our advanced algorithms to your historical data, we carefully determine how much fraud Perseuss would prevent for you.

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"Unfortunately there are still some airlines that don’t realise just how much fraud is costing them, beyond what they see as chargebacks. Perseuss is an important tool in the BA fraud prevention toolbox, not just from the data perspective but from the intelligence and support the Perseuss community provides. Without Perseuss to help your airline fight fraud, you are missing a vital piece of the decision making jigsaw."

Andrew Warman, British Airways

"Tripsta (travelplanet24) is an OTA which operates in 16 countries and turns over €220 million. As we grew our business across Eastern Europe from 2010 onwards, card fraud hit us badly, driving up losses to unsustainable levels. To counteract this fraud we integrated several external systems of which Perseuss is among the most important. Perseuss has helped us reduce our fraud rate from 0.6% of turnover to 0.07% whilst cutting our manual review rate from 25% to 9% and our order rejection rate from 3% to 1%. Perseuss is a vital part of our fraud defences and we wouldn’t be without it"

Philipp Brinkmann, Tripsta

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