The global airline community’s own solution to the battle against fraud.

Perseuss’s Vital Mission

Perseuss is the airline community’s own response to the problem of fraud. It grew out of carriers’ need both to share data about fraudsters’ current operations and also to work together to combat new fraud trends appearing everywhere. Perseuss offers both a technical toolkit to fight fraud and a forum for identifying new patterns in fraud crime and developing strategies to overcome them.

But most of all, Perseuss is about airlines and their partners in the travel industry working together. No-one outside the industry can solve our problems for us. Perseuss embodies our determination to co-operate and show a united front against crime. Today over 100 airlines and their partners are Perseuss members, reaping the benefits of being part of this determined community. Join us, together we’re stronger.

Perseuss is delivering unique, highly valued services to airlines and their partners, which complement those provided by fraud detection providers and payment processors. IATA was delighted to be involved in the foundation of Perseuss and is enthusiastically supporting it as it grows.

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usage of Perseuss
usage of Perseuss

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