As our main goal is to promote cooperation against fraud, we are always looking for ways to bring new expertise and solutions to bear. Our partners include companies throughout the entire payments and fraud spheres of operations worldwide. Our primary partner is IATA, involved in the foundation of Perseuss and a great ambassador to this very day.





Most Payment Service Providers nowadays offer a fraud screening solution to their clients. As merchants often don't have the IT capacity available to establish a direct integration with the Perseuss platform, we integrate with the PSP's. This way, companies can simply enable Perseuss within the interface of their own PSP.
Are you looking for a way to help a client with fraud issues, or simply to expand your product portfolio? Are you interested in complementing your detection capabilities by adding over a billion data elements to your reference stockpile? Are you aiming to expand the value added services offered to your clients?
Whether you are a fraud solution vendor, a payment provider, an industry association or a network organization – we would be happy to meet you and see how we can work together.


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