Perseuss' mission

Enable and promote the cooperation against fraud between stakeholders in the commercial, the payment and fraud industry. By sharing data, merchants, banks and law enforcement can prevent the considerable costs related to fraud.
Perseuss is the merchant community’s own response to the problem of fraud. It grew out of their need both to share intelligence about fraudsters’ current operations and to work together to combat new fraud trends appearing everywhere. From a small group of seven European airlines sharing experiences and data in 2007 to a huge global community of merchants now, Perseuss has developed into the world’s leading platform for sharing fraud intelligence.


The Perseuss community provides a unique, global platform that enables and encourages the exchange of intelligence and evidence to allow the identification of current and future fraud patterns. Years of fraud data, combined with powerful scoring and machine learning algorithms is saving its members millions of euros by flagging potential fraudulent bookings.


By joining Perseuss, you become part of a solution in the fight against criminal activities and at the same time you have a tool that will reduce your fraud level. Alone, you are more likely to remain a target.


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