Perseuss was founded 10 years ago by merchants to cooperate against fraud. Today, it is the leading platform for sharing fraud data world-wide.
With more than 140 members from around the globe in a variety of industries, Perseuss has developed into the leading platform for sharing fraud data in the world today. Ranging from online travel agents and rail companies to e-commerce retailers and gambling merchants, the diversity of users reflects in the database: the more sources, the richer the data. Backed by powerful AI mechanisms, Perseuss is saving its members millions of dollars by flagging potential fraudulent bookings.



In 2007, a group of European airlines started sharing experiences and data to prevent fraud together. Soon enough, the applied means of communication turned out to be unsafe, inefficient and unscalable. Perseuss was build to safely store and check data. 6 months later, Perseuss entered into a partnership with IATA and soon after became the industry standard for data-sharing. Integrating with the main Payment Service Providers accelerated this growth, as no IT development was needed to use Perseuss anymore.


Perseuss started cooperating with Europol, Interpol, and local polices. Cooperation with law enforcement world wide took a leap in 2011, when Perseuss developed the Days of Action (DoA) tool to support communications during the first Global Airline Action Days. We now have established cooperation with specialised forces such as the Dedicated Card and Payment Crime Unit (DCPCU) in the UK and the Cybercrime Department in Greece.


FACT was originally designed to facilitate the communication between merchants, card schemes and law enforcement agencies all around the world during the Global Airport Action Days in 2012. This cooperation continues and now extends to a daily basis, enabling merchants and issuing banks to alert each other in case of suspicious transactions, and present fraud cases to law enforcement.


Every year, we organise a conference for all of our users and partners. Two days of lectures and trainings by subject matter experts, updates on events and initiatives in the industry, brainstorming sessions on how to improve cooperation, and of course more than enough time for drinks & networking.

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