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Is your current fraud prevention system blocking genuine customers? Does your analysts’ review queue never seem to end, yet you’re still suffering chargebacks? Do you want to increase conversion? On the very day that you’re reading this, we’ve already checked over a million transactions from merchants that were experiencing these same problems… Welcome to the community – welcome to Perseuss.
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Perseuss’ advanced, AI-based fraud detection is amongst the best of the world. It presents you with immense amounts of fraud intelligence in a smart, quick and comprehensible way. Using it will increase your conversion and decrease the number of chargebacks. You’ll take decisions faster, more accurate and have less of a review queue. We know your customer and we’ll help you decrease the risk of rejecting a good transaction. Overall: you’ll have better bottom line results.

How do we know all this?

Back in the day, when data sharing wasn’t as common as it is today, Perseuss was founded by a community of merchants suffering fraud issues. For more than ten years, merchants across verticals and from around the world have been sharing their transaction and fraud data via Perseuss. By now, the size of the database is unparalleled in conversion optimization and fraud prevention. We have evolved from a simple fraud database into a sophisticated DATA intelligence platform applying advanced artificial intelligence.




How Perseuss is different from your current fraud system

Perseuss is created and governed by merchants themselves. Other than most fraud solutions, it is agnostic: to region, to PSP, to sectors and industries. This way we’re able to recognize fraud patterns that no merchant or fraud tool would’ve been able to identify individually. The most well-known and relevant payment and fraud service providers recognized the uniqueness and added value of Perseuss and created a one-click integration in their platforms.

Use as an add-on tool in your current fraud prevention

We recommend you to use Perseuss in combination with another fraud prevention system that fits your fraud strategy, architecture and operations. Perseuss will complement your tool with AI-based knowledge of world-wide fraud patterns and enable in-depth manual research. You’ll also receive the support of our highly active community in fighting the global and increasing threat of ever-changing fraud.

How to integrate

Transactions can be checked in several ways: manually, uploading batch files, or via API. API integrations can be done directly or through a Payment Service Provider. As we’re already integrated with most PSP’s, the activation of your account will be a simple push of a button. Click here for more information.


Manual research

The decision to block or accept a transaction is always up to the merchant. By logging on to the online environment, fraud analysts can use a variety of tools to dig into the specifics of a case and gather intelligence.

Artificial intelligence

Our artificial intelligence uses transactional data, confirmed fraud data, and time-based data to constantly improve its performance. This results in precise fraud detection, increased conversion and less manual review.

Contact the owner

Contact the merchant that uploaded the case as fraud in the system. In a frequently used chat, merchants help each other to take the best decision.

Legal action

Perseuss is highly involved with many law enforcement agencies (LEA). Part of the service is coordinating the cooperation between merchants and LEA's, to take the next step in catching the fraudsters and ghost brokers.


Asian airline

Speed is key for this Asian airline. Therefore they needed some help reducing their manual review queues and enriching their data to make quicker decisions. Find out how Perseuss was able to help them.

European OTA

This experienced European OTA is looking for intelligence. More information they can rely on, trust and receive in their own interface. Perseuss won them over. See here how we did that.

"Without Perseuss we would have encountered financial losses of hundreds of thousands of euros yearly. And all this goes at a relatively low cost: the ROI is big."
Orestis Papadopoulos, Fraud Prevention Manager at Etraveli Group
"The Perseuss platform is a valuable addition to our regular fraud system, because it enables our manual review team to do more in-depth analyses."
Joyce Gitumbi, Senior Fraud Analyst at Kenya Airways


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